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Rich User Experience

Our self-service kiosk solutions are rich in user experience, with eye-catching animated and augmented reality displays.

Fully Integrated

AFIC's Kiosks solutions enable integration across the groups front desk, express kiosks, point of sales and customer on-demand, to provide consistent user experience.

Cross/Up Selling

Increase capability of cross-selling and up-selling through personalised group packages and promotions.


Eye-catching animated and augmented reality displays

Unique Value Proposition

Animation, Virtual & Augmented Reality

With our animation, virtual and augmented reality technology, customers can experience a much more in-depth understanding of your business, services and anmenties that you offer, with no language barriers.

AFICs augmented reality can enhance the physical environment our clients are selling, e.g. hotel rooms and ameneties, or enhance the experience of exploring the surrounding area.

  • Interactive Hotel Rooms - give customers a virtual experience of your rooms to maximise conversion rates. 
  • Virtual reality experiences - give your customers a virtual reality experience of your anmenties, e.g. casinos, spas and theme parks.

  • Local places of interest - enhancing the emotions and engagement of your customers with augmented reality maps, where guests are able to see additional information about local places of interest. 
  • Gamification - to make exploring your hotel and resort, or local area more enjoyable.
  • Beacon technology - our beacon technology enables our clients to send information to customers when they are in specific locations, to provide personalisation experiences, or maximise cross/up selling. 

Hardware Integration

AFIC's Kiosks solutions can integrate with the kiosk hardware to provide enhanced user experience with self-service features. 


  • Biometric retina scanners
  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Cameras
  • Card readers
  • eWallet synchronisation
  • Bill readers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Ticket dispensers
  • Barcode scanners.
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital signatures

Highlight Features


Our kiosks provide market leading interactive user experiences, with eye-catching animated and virtual & augmented reality driven enhanced experiences.


Maximise the effectiveness of information sharing, cross selling and up-selling with intelligent, interactive design.



Our self-service kiosk solutions are rich in user experience, with eye-catching animated or virtual reality displays.


Our kiosks solutions support fully customisable user experiences, including reading and dispensing tickets, and capturing digital signatures.

Facial Recognition

AFIC's Facial Recognition technology can identify customers immediately. This can notify staff of VIP customer arrival to ensure efficient and personalised service.


Our Facial Recognition software prevents customer identity theft, ensuring member privealges, accounts and profiles are only unlocked and accessible with sophisticated facial regognition.