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Centralised integrated enterprise systems, for managing your integrated hotels, resorts, casinos and theme parks.


Connect your different departments, from marketing to sales to customer service, and organizes their notes, activities, and metrics into one cohesive system.

Big Data Insights

View patterns and trends, descriptive, presprective and predictive analytics. Understand customer behaviour and sentiment, and forecast future revenue and profits. 


Enterprise Customer Relations Management systems.

Unique Value Proposition


Centralised integrated enterprise systems, for managing your integrated hotels, resorts, casinos and theme parks.


We help you run your business smoother by unifying and protecting your information, automating processes, and producing easy-to-understand trends. Organization makes your day-to-day operations and long-term planning more efficient.


Visibiltity - we give you total access to every important process in your business by making data from every department easily accessible to you and your senior management. For example, you can monitor inventory levels on a daily basis, including future consignments that are yet to be received and inventory currently in transit. By knowing precisely where you stand regarding inventory levels, you can control your working capital on a more precise level.


Complete Customization - our ERP solution is designed in a modular architecture, each application is designed to be able to stand alone or integrate within the larger suite. This way, your company can pick and choose which components work best and can leave out what you don’t need.


Improved Efficiency - AFIC ERP reduces the time and effort required by your workforce to carry out their daily activities. Eliminate repetitive manual processes, thus freeing up team members to focus on revenue-affecting tasks. Adopt and enforcement of industry best-practice processes, aligning all actions across the enterprise.


Data Security & Quality - one of the biggest advantages of AFIC ERP system is data security. Sharing data across functional silos such as customer service, sales, marketing and business development enhances collaboration throughout a company. AFIC role based data access is controlling who can see and edit the information. We have intrinsic controls to ensure the security of your data.


Facilitated Regulatory Compliance - One of the most difficult ongoing tasks for businesses is meeting compliance requirements. Maintaining perfect accuracy within your financial records isn’t exactly easy, but needs to be done nevertheless. AFIC ERP aids in regulatory compliance by virtue of secure and validated data, combined with built-in reports. These reports can also be automated to reduce the cost of continual audits. AFIC support specific regulations such as the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).


Artificial Intelligence

AFIC transforms your hotel and resort into an intelligence that surpasses customer expectations using AI-powered care, support and service. 


Concierge Bots - our AI robots, with voice-activated assistants smarten the way your hotel guest service is delivered to customer’s satisfaction. From customer’s personal choices to their smallest of needs, AI-enabled hotel concierge bots can offer minute service and careful assistance.


Voice Activated Services - analysing your customers data, AFIC's AI  provides insightful experience to guests as they travel, inquire, stay and enjoy your hotel and resort amenities. Increase your brand value with in-depth customer service and personalised customer experience.


Exhaustive care with AFIC mobile apps - our AI-driven chatbots intervene as a vital key to customer service. Guests can use our special mobile apps to interact with chatbots to perform all key servcies such as: 


  • Ordering meals or drinks
  • Suggesting special dishes
  • Controlling room temperature and lighting
  • Scheduling dinners/lunch
  • Managing evening reservations
  • Taxi booking and itinerary planning
  • Recommending interesting sightseeing and visits
  • Answering critical queries


Knowing your customer - serve customers better and create superior guests experience. Before your guests enter your facilities, we ensure your customers begin to experience excellent services when they enquire and book your facilties online. From planning their journey to check-out, and return back home, AFIC ensures personalised and unique user experience via advanced machine learning technology. 

Highlight Features

IoT (Internet of Things)

AFIC IoT solutions supports and further enhance your customer experiene. 


  • No more check-in and check out queues.
  • Find the way around your hotels and resorts with in-house navigation.
  • Customized offers/food as per guest’s cuisine choices. Provide personalised food and wine paring based on guests preferences.
  • Room settings personalized as per the guest’s liking. For example, room temperature, light and curtain settings.
  • Turn on the guest’s favourite TV channels or music.
  • Remember the usual order for breakfast for the guest.
  • Ideal water temperature whenever the guest needs to shower.


Big Data Insights

Accurately predict demand and patterns of customer behavior.


Dynamic Pricing Automation


AFIC analyses local and global economic factors, events and weather reports as well as key metrics, such as average daily rate, cancellation and occupancy, revenue per available room, reservation behavior, average occupancy rate, gross operating profit per available room.


By integrating and analyzing all this information AFIC can predict customer behaviour, and help you understand how your business is performing compared to competitors in the same area targeting similar profiles and eventually adjust its pricing strategy accordingly and proactively.

Personalised Engagement

Understanding your guest habits, and personalise your engagement content to emotionally connect with your customers. 


AFIC's customer engagement program uses the following personalisation strategy:


  • Create personalised content for services where relevancy is provided based on just the content being accessed.
  • Base personalisation where the content presented is based on the activity of your customer over various timespans, therefore ensuring customers are not presented with non-relevant content if access was a one time activity.
  • Explicit profiling processes such as customer segmentation based on profile data and historic transactions that can be used to further refine the experience to the user’s persona.