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Expand your Market Reach

Gain access into new markets, whether you are looking for new suppliers, customers or services. AFIC's eTrade will connect you to a global ecosystem of digital customers and service providers.

Paperless Processing

Digitalise your trade processes to create efficiency and remove human error. This will create a seamless and efficient set of processes to simplify your operations.

Trade Insurance

Get instant coverage from a network of local and interational Insurers. Cover material damage to property and equipment, loss of income due to business interruption and wrongful conversion to protect against fraudulent sales.


Secure your overseas transactions.

Unique Value Proposition

Centralised Warehousing & Fulfilment

AFIC's eTrade platform enables you to centralise your storage, fulfilment and distribution to save huge costs and increase efficiency. 

  • Take better control by migrating to central warehouse which is responsible for all activities, and only transport inventory as and when required to other locations, whether these are physical stores or direct to customers, domestic or overseas.
  • Reduced Costs - through a centralized warehousing and distribution centre, the need to pay rent, utility, equipment, fleet, technology and other expenditures for different warehouses is eliminated. Reduce shipping costs through consolidation. With these reductions in costs, will allow for higher margins or lower prices for customers.
  • Highly skilled staff - AFIC provides highly skilled staff which in turn brings efficiency, consistency and quality to your operations.
  • Standardisation - a centralised facility with the latest technology and the best equipment with fully digitalised processes. This guarantees efficiency which will save you huge costs and time. Increase the reliability to your customers will increase sentiment and retention.
  • Security - alarm systems and high definition video surveillance cameras for maximum warehouse security. Biometric security in isolated storage areas for high value goods.
  • FreeZone - flexibility, huge cost savings and centralisation across all domestic and international transactions.
  • Easy access - and quick access to/from seaports and airports to significantly reduce lead time of domestic and overseas delivery.

Access to a Global Trade Ecosystem

AFIC's eTrade can connect you to a global ecosystem of service providers to improve your operations, access a wider pool of suppliers, and fast-track entrance into new markets.

  • Global Marketplaces - sell your products on global marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Amazon and Alibaba. 
  • Global Suppliers - gain access to a global ecosystem of suppliers, with realtime digital ordering and multi-lingual translation for seamless negotiation.
  • Warehousing - gain access to world class warehousing services to reduce cost and improve efficiency of fulfilment, mid mile and last mile delivery.
  • Fulfillment Services - outsource your fulfilment services to save huge costs and increase quality, consistency and efficiency.
  • Logistics/Couriers - connect real time to local and international logistic and courier services. Automate booking, collection, tracking and delivery through AFIC eTrade.
  • Import/Export - simplify and automate your import and export processes through AFIC's fully digitalised eTrade platform.
  • Government Services - integrate with government services for cross border clearance and duty payment.
  • Trade Financing - fully integrated trade financing solutions, to secure your overseas transactions. 

Highlight Features

Digital Transformation

Digitalise your trade processes to create efficiency and remove human error. This will create a seamless and efficient set of processes to simplify your operations.

AFIC's eTrade not only digitalises your own operations, but enables seamless integration within our ecosystem, connecting you real time to local and global service providers.

Cross Border Regulation

AFIC's eTrade provides paperless processing for all cross border regulation, e.g. declaration, permits and free zone clearance.


Significantly reduce clearance times with digital integration. 

Trade Financing

AFIC's Trade finance will allow you to offer your suppliers an undertaking of payment from our financial providers. This will give suppliers the courage and peace of mind about the transaction, knowing that maximum security is assured and will also improve the relationship between you and your suppliers.