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Immersive Experience

Enhancing a user's journey through immersive experiences via mobile, VR or wearable devices.

AFIC's Immersive Experience is delivered through different technologies: 

Augmented reality (AR) uses technology to add a computer-simulated layer of information on top of the real world.

Virtual reality (VR) immerses the user inside a digital simulation they can interact with.

Mixed reality (MR) is an enhanced version of AR, tying in elements of VR as well.

Facial Recognition

AFIC's Facial Recognition technology can identify customers immediately. This can notify staff of VIP customer arrival to ensure efficient and personalised service and increase customer loyalty.


Reduce long checkout lines with slow payments, AFIC's new “face pay” technologies can shorten waiting times and increase customer experience.


Facial Recognition can also be used as a preventive measure for shoplifting, e.g. retailers can now identify subjects of interest when they are coming into stores.


By leveraging AI to understand the customer better, taking advantage of real-time decisioning and predictive analysis, providing a true personalized experience.

Anticipate your customer needs with machine learning, fully automate your guest communication with chatbot, and deliver a consistent, personalised service to maximise customer satisfaction


Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Immersive Experience.

Unique Value Proposition

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Create rich, immersive and interactive user experience with personalised content so customers feel like they are interacting personally. 

AFIC's Virtual reality (VR) immerses the user inside a digital simulation they can interact with, stimulating as many senses as possible ensuring the user feels like they really are in that virtual environment. 

AFIC's Augmented reality (AR) uses technology to add a computer-simulated layer of information on top of the real world, creating a new virtual experience like VR.

AFIC's Mixed reality (MR) is an enhanced version of our AR, tying in elements of VR as well by integrating entire virtual objects into the real world, with the goal of creating an even more immersive experience.


Chatbots can help you gather precious data from your customers by interacting with them. This includes getting insights about their activities, preferences, problems, and more.

AFIC Chatbots provides the following key benefits:

  • Increase sales by providing immediate customer support.
  • Available 24/7 to provide around the clock support helping to enter into new global markets.
  • Pro-active customer interaction, start interaction with customers who appear unsure or indecisive in their behaviour.
  • Monitor customer behaviour to gain valuable insights.
  • Cross/Up sell during specific parts of the customer journey.

Highlight Features

Mixed Reality

AFIC's MR brings together real world and digital elements. In mixed reality, AFIC enables your customers to interact with and manipulate both physical and virtual items and environments, using our next-generation sensing and imaging technologies.

AFIC MR allows your staff or customers to see and immerse themself in the world around them, even as they interact with a virtual environment using their own hands.

AI Pricing

Learn in advance how customers respond to pricing and price changes while optimally meeting your business’ revenue and profit objectives.

AFIC provides regression modelling that identifies trends and correlation between data to create predictive models. Machine Learning is used for classification and clustering segments regarding the behavior of customers based on transactions and SKU, Campaign and Promotional Data.

This enables AFIC to create accurate predictive forecasts on the impact of price changes against many different parameters.

Customer Segmentation

Through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, AFIC's can arrange your customers into distinct sub groups that typically have separate needs.

Customers would be split by complex variables such as their past behaviours and buying personas.

This identifies the different segments of customers to generate insights on their behaviours and trends, to drive engagement or promotional campaigns using personalised content and creatives.