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About Us

To lead innovations, meeting future challenges today.


As an advanced technology partner, our strength lies beyond variety of technologies and resources. We use artiffial intelligence and machine learning to evolve and refine our core technology to facilitate innovations.


Our products allows our client to enhance and reinvent their digital experience. Combining our strong architecture with our excellent user experience, creates a virtual dynamic experience. Our technology enables our clients to efficiently manage and meet their business needs.


AFIC combines technological expertise, specific domain experience, and passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions for gaming, entertainment and integrated resorts. 


Using an on-shore and off-shore strategy provides our clients with direct access to the project management team, a perfect balance of direct control of the projects whilst ensuring costs are minimised.


We focus on emerging technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality in order to deliver intelligent and enhanced, never to forget user experiences. Whilst maintaing our core competencies around adding efficiencies through automation, insights through Big Data and operational excellence through access to secure centralised data, anytime, anywhere.

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